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Cutting Edge Program

Save 15% with PAC’s Cutting Edge Service Program

Every technician is thoroughly trained.

Your cutter or granulator will need maintenance.

Will you be proactive and avoid problems by planning for it now? Or will you wait until problems arise and you are forced to react?

Your PAC cutter or granulator is a key component in the overall performance of your PAC trim or matrix removal system. The knives will wear down over time and need sharpening. The time to sharpen them is before they start causing problems on your production line.

PAC makes cutter and granulator maintenance easy with the Cutting Edge Service Program. Customers who enroll in this program are guaranteed priority service and a 15% discount.

Enrollment and membership is absolutely free.

Program Benefits at a Glance

With Cutting Edge Service Program Without Cutting Edge Service Program
15% discount on resharpening service and 1 spare cutter Full price on parts and labor
Priority service: 3 days Standard service: up to 3 weeks

How PAC’s Cutting Edge Service Program Works

  • Enrollment and membership is free. To enroll, send us an email at
  • Once enrolled, you continue to enjoy priority service and a 15% discount on resharpening and maintenance.
  • We provide easy shipping instructions. You ship your cutter or granulator unit to us. If you need a second cutter or granulator unit to keep your production line running without interruption, you can purchase that cutter at a 15% discount.
  • PAC-certified technicians at our New Jersey manufacturing facility perform a meticulous 8-point inspection and complete maintenance service:
  1. Inspect your cutter or granulator unit to identify any wear or damage issues that could affect performance or future maintenance costs. We will notify you if any parts require replacement and what the cost will be. We use only PAC-certified parts and coatings.
  2. Inspect rotor end disc clearance
  3. Inspect bearing pre-load
  4. Inspect hood fit and clearance
  5. Surface-grind rotor and bed knives
  6. Spin-grind rotor knives to achieve minimum clearance for the unit specifications and the material you are cutting
  7. Re-set knife clearance to original factory standards for your cutter model and knife type
  8. Final inspection and documentation, including cut and score samples
  • We ship your cutter or granulator back to you.

Learn about what happens if you don’t service your cutter or granulator.

Contact PAC to learn more or enroll in our Cutting Edge Service Program.

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