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How can PAC guarantee a one-year ROI on its waste removal system?

We explain it in writing below. But maybe you’d rather hear the explanation from a PAC representative, who can address your particular situation and answer your questions. If so, submit your contact information in the form on the right, and a representative will contact you on or before the next business day.

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Great ROI, even on short runs!

Do you wind your label waste?

A PAC matrix waste removal system increases your productivity by capturing the matrix right at the press, shredding it and whisking it away pneumatically (using air) to a waste bin or baler. No winding needed.

Do you shut down your press to remove matrix rolls?

Since there’s no need to wind your matrix, there are no matrix rolls to remove and no reason to halt production.

Do you experience web breaks from winding?

Again, since there’s no need to wind your matrix, you avoid all the costly stoppages and headaches associated with matrix winding.

Do you take more than 1/8-inch off of each side of your web?

PAC systems remove matrix waste pneumatically so you don’t need edges larger than 1/8 inch, saving you money by reducing material widths, which is most likely your highest cost factor.

Is your press speed limited by waste matrix handling?

Matrix winding and inefficient matrix removal systems keep many companies from running their presses at higher speeds for fear of jams and tension breaks. PAC matrix removal systems keep up with your press running at higher speeds, without windups or breakage.

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