Warehouses are dynamic and bustling places, where movement is constant. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to be disorganized or laborious. In fact, with the right tools in place, warehouses can operate with optimal productivity and efficiency while ensuring the safety of employees.

That’s where PAC’s specialized trim and matrix removing equipment comes into play. By utilizing this technology, warehouses can streamline the process of removing production waste from the press and conveying it to the compactor. Not only does this make the workplace safer, but it also increases productivity exponentially.

These engineered pneumatic systems are suitable for a range of industries, including paper, print, label, and battery production, where waste removal is a critical part of the production process. Unlike manual methods, PAC’s hands-free, continuously running systems incorporate advanced technology to whisk away trim, matrix, and other types of production waste. And because the production presses/machinery can continue to run during the waste removal process, production output is significantly improved.

Implementing a PAC system in your facility can yield significant benefits such as a reduction in manual operations, decreased operational costs, optimization of the flow of goods, and other benefits such as:

• A safer workplace environment, potentially saving your staff from injuries and you from costly litigation. A recent survey identified overexertion as the most disabling workplace accident in the United States in 2021, followed by falls and being struck by objects. With a PAC system, employees can avoid having to lift and move heavy items, thus reducing the risk of injury.
• Boosted employee satisfaction. Labor-intensive and repetitive tasks, such as lifting heavy items, can cause frustration, low morale, and a loss of motivation among employees. By automating such tasks, employees can focus on more meaningful work, which can help reduce their stress levels and improve overall job satisfaction.
• Increased productivity and efficiency in your facility. With the freedom afforded by a PAC system, employees can work more efficiently and effectively, freeing up time for other tasks.
• Financial savings. PAC guarantees a 12-month return on investment for its engineered systems, but many clients realize returns much sooner. Our ROIs are measured in months, not years, ensuring that you see significant financial benefits from your investment in a PAC system.

Principles to Streamline Your Operations  – PAC’s automated solutions can help you achieve the following principles and optimize your warehouse performance.

• Planning: Establish a clear plan for your trim, matrix, or production waste material Your plan should identify which materials will be transported, which equipment will be used, and the final destination of the materials. 
• Standardization: Consistency is key to achieving predictable results. By standardizing processes and equipment, reliable outcomes are ensured.
• Work: Reduce unnecessary manual labor by investing in equipment which minimizes or eliminates repetitive tasks. 
• Ergonomics: Acknowledge your employees’ restrictions and capabilities by investing in equipment which ensures safety in the workplace.  
• Space Utilization: Organize your warehouse to maximize the available space. A PAC system can help to ensure that your warehouse is organized by clearing warehouse aisles of clutter.
• Environment: Using equipment that reduces noise and dust can make a big difference in creating a safe and comfortable working environment.
• Automation: Implement automation in warehouse processes such as production waste removal to lower costs and boost employee efficiency. By automating these processes, you can free up time for your employees to focus on more productive tasks.

At PAC, we take pneumatic conveying systems to the next level using industry expertise and precise engineering. Our solutions boost accuracy and productivity, improve employee safety and reduce space requirements.