At PAC, we are committed to being responsible corporate citizens by minimizing our environmental impact and by prioritizing the safety of our employees. As part of our initial efforts to pursue the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) L.I.F.E. program certification in 2016, we formed a Safety Committee which has grown to become an integral part of our organization.

The PAC Safety Committee meets monthly. During these meetings, the committee covers “near misses” and identifies, investigates and pursues opportunities for improvement. The committee also reports at company-wide meetings and shares timely safety tips and advice with the full staff. Periodically, the committee invites subject matter experts for speaking and collaborative work sessions. This ensures they have access to the latest insights and knowledge relevant to safety processes.

A recent meeting included discussions on OSHA’s most common hazard citations across the USA as well as several specific opportunities for improvement across our organization. Completed opportunities were celebrated and new ones added for further research.

We are proud to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable group of individuals serving on our Safety Committee. Current members include John Coates, Sarah Maietta, Casey Almanza, Marlaina Uhland, Brittany Kaub, Ron Rose, Tyler Elko, Durell Downing, Cole Brown, Tito Girod, and Chris Bryan. Their commitment to ensuring the safety of our employees and the sustainability of our operations is a testament to the values that PAC holds dear. We have found that employee-based improvement programs increase enthusiasm among our staff, which empowers our workforce to be part of the solution.

At PAC, we believe that placing priority on safety and environmental responsibility is not just good for our employees and the planet – it’s good for business. Pursuing L.I.F.E. certification has helped us identify opportunities for improvement, adapt our management practices, and demonstrate our commitment to safety and sustainability. We will continue to collaborate with our Safety Committee to maintain our standing as an industry leader in sustainable and responsible safety practices.

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