For converters and packaging printers, PAC trim handling systems are an essential, not a luxury.

Many converters and packaging printers believe they are saving money by using Venturis to handle their trim waste. However, in most cases, Precision AirConvey’s customized pneumatic automated trim removal systems are the most economical solution.

PAC Venturis are a good fit for companies who want to:
* Increase productivity
* Reduce housekeeping costs
* Decrease line stoppages
* Spend less money up-front
* Get a trim-removal solution fast
* Keep trim unprocessed
* Save floor space

With that said, cutter/fans typically provide a faster ROI than Venturis. By using PAC’s in-line cutter/fan system, companies can avoid downtime from the clogs and jams associated with Venturis. Our reliable solutions cut trim into easy-to-convey pieces, reduce downtime and increase productivity. Our trim removal systems can also keep up with faster line speeds, allowing you to run your lines at full capacity. Benefits include allowing you to take on more projects or elimate the need to buy more equipment because lines run more efficiently.

Because our proprietary industry-leading cutters produce a high-density/ low volume trim (as opposed to venturi-conveyed low-density/high-volume continuous trim) you will save money on trips to the landfill. Our EcoPAC balers and WastePAC Densifiers can further improve handling efficiency.

Regardless of your application, our experienced engineers will custom design the solution which best suits your materials, floor plan, budget and needs. PAC trim systems have been designed to handle paper, film, foil, label, laminate, and some of the most challenging materials, including Kevlar, sandpaper and fiberglass.

Available options can extend your applications even further, allowing you to handle pressure-sensitive adhesive, control dust and reduce noise. If you reuse material rolls, consider PAC’s Roll Splitters to lower costs and keep workers safe.

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