Nonwoven manufacturers create materials used in respirators, air, water and other filters, facemasks, pharmaceuticals and biological agents, food and beverage products—and so many other products and components we use every day. What we don’t see, however, is that behind the scenes, nonwoven companies face many unique challenges in efficiently and effectively handling waste trim. To that end, PAC defines the industry standard for helping them operate a more sustainable and economical operation.

Precision AirConvey engineers custom trim removal systems which clear away — and when needed, reclaim — non-woven trim in the most efficient, productive and economical way possible, enabling companies to save money on waste disposal and virgin materials.

Loose nonwoven trim is incredibly high-volume/low density. It quickly fills up waste bins as well as refuse trucks headed to the landfill.

PAC’s inline cutter/fan systems densify this trim by shredding it into a confetti material which can be packed much more tightly than continuous trim or long pieces of cut trim.
PAC densifiers and balers can further enhance trim waste handling by fabricating easy-to-handle bricks or bales.

Many non-woven companies opt to reclaim their trim for reuse. PAC’s Granulate Feed Systems facilitate the creation of high-quality product made from up to 20% reclaimed non-woven trim and scrap. Recycled material offers a significant savings on virgin material.

PAC’s engineers are industry experts and thought leaders who design custom systems which solve the unique challenges faced by specific non-woven companies. We offer solutions which eliminate static, control dust and reduce noise. And for manufacturers who reuse material rolls, PAC’s Roll Splitters lower labor costs and help keep workers safe.

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