Precision AirConvey’s matrix waste removal systems are so effective at increasing productivity, decreasing downtime, and lowering material and labor costs, we GUARANTEE a full return on investment in less than 12 months for label, narrow web and flexo print companies!

If you currently wind your matrix waste, you are not only losing production time, but also wasting materials and risking injury to your employees.

The use of a PAC pneumatic matrix removal system guarantees better productivity and cost savings because our systems eliminate the need to wind matrix waste. We capture matrix right at the press, chop it up and pneumatically whisk it away to a waste compactor or baler.

Here’s some ways winding matrix wastes your money:

To accommodate matrix winding, presses need to be slowed down. Further, when matrix waste rolls are removed, presses need to be completely stopped. All of these tasks waste valuable production time….costing you money.
Every time a press restarts after recalibrating registration, valuable material is wasted. In addition, winding matrix requires wider edge trim, wasting a lot more material than many people realize at first glance. Multiply your width reduction by the length of material you run over a given time period. Then factor in the cost of material, and the cost of waste is certainly significant.
Employees who remove the waste roll risk injury due to its awkward height and positioning, potentially resulting in loss of time and disability costs.

Here’s some ways a PAC system benefits your productivity and efficiency:

Winding matrix takes more time than pneumatically conveying it. This eliminates the need to slow your press and waste production time. Also, no production time is wasted removing matrix waste rolls. Further, with no web to wind, press stoppages caused by web breaks are eliminated, too.
Time-and Material-consuming re-registering is eliminated since presses don’t need to be stopped.
Air-conveyed matrix edges trim can be as narrow as 1/8 inch, offering significant materials (and dollars) savings
Your operators have no need to risk injury removing awkward matrix waste rolls.

Clog-free Handling of Pressure Sensitive Materials

Pressure sensitive materials, such as labels, have historically presented a potential clogging issue due to their adhesive quality. PAC offers several options to keep your systems clog-free: in addition to coating strategic areas withing our systems with a non-stick coating, our oil mist lubrication system spreads a micro-thin layer of food-grade oil over the waste, effectively neutralizing the adhesive. For larger operations, a Central Oil Mist Lubrication System is available to service several presses at one time.