Precision AirConvey helps makes PAC system ownership (or upgrade) a reality for many manufacturers through quick & easy financing with Liberty Capital.  In line with our customer base, Liberty specializes in print, paper, label and associated industrial equipment loans.

Is your business growing? Do you need to purchase a new PAC system to keep up with increasing demand? Is your older system in need of fine tuning, or a substantial rebuild?  You’re in luck because that’s exactly what PAC’s quick and easy system financing is for!  We help provide the working capital your business needs to grow.

This is what we offer:

Competitive Interest Rates

Since they are deemed “low risk”, system loans typically offer low interest rates. This helps keep your costs in check,  allowing you to grow your business while easily covering the costs of buying or repairing equipment.  (ROI for PAC systems is incredibly quick, speak with your PAC Regional Sales Manager or call us at 302.999.8000 to inquire about yours!)

Low Documentation Requirement

PAC makes financing our trim and matrix removal systems quick and easy. For financing under $500,000, very minimal/basic paperwork is required for approval, but our options do not end there.   Our quick and easy financing extend up to $10 million.  Your dedicated advisor at Liberty will help you through the process for full transparency and peace of mind.

Up to 100% financing

Traditional banks generally finance up to 80% of the equipment’s value, but with Liberty Capital, funding up to 100% of the capital may be possible. Any incurred interest expense you incur may be

tax-deductible as well.  Finally, depreciation expenses may also be realized.

Transparent Process, No Hidden Fees

Equipment financing through PAC with Liberty Capital has no prepayment penalties.  Your dedicated advisor will walk you through the entire approval process, terms, and payment schedule. We value your trust, so we will provide a clear and concise plan of action specifically for you.

  • We offer same-day funding and pre-funding in most cases
  • Quick and easy Application process
  • Flexible terms/payment options
  • Competitive rates
  • Possible tax deduction (ask your accountant)
  • Interest only/step-up payments, balloon payments, payment moratoriums, vendor progress payments

For additional information, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.  To complete an application, please click here.

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