Precision AirConvey’s customers can ensure their system continues to work at peak efficiency by scheduling regular maintenance.   With the PAC Protection Plus Service Plan maintenance is easier than ever.

During service maintenance visits, a PAC expert mechanic will visit your site to assess and evaluate wear and tear on your equipment.  Where needed, he will make necessary adjustments or repairs and may also recommend process or service improvements designed to extend the life of your system.  This entire process is designed to help you avoid costly production downtime and keep your system running smoothly.

Included in the PAC Protection Plus Service Plan:

  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Major Equipment Check
  • Power Consumption Check
  • System Airflows Check
  • Variable Frequency Drives Check
  • Cutter and Granulators Check
  • System Controls Check
  • System Operation Check

The time between maintenance visits is always customizable based on your needs, equipment and operations. Some PAC customers prefer annual visits while others opt for quarterly or semiannual visits.

In addition to this outstanding customer service, PAC offers the option of Protection Plus Certification for your own maintenance crew. We will train your team to perform necessary inspections and maintenance to keep systems running at optimal performance levels year-round, further protecting your investment and keeping your production running smoothly.

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