As with most mechanical systems, proactive, planned maintenance of PAC systems helps them run more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and also helps prevent future repairs and unplanned downtime.   As a service to our loyal customers, PAC offers maintenance reminders every October and April.

PAC trim and matrix removal systems employ knives which chop matrix and trim waste into small pieces.  Since these knives are in constant use they will become dull over time and require sharpening.  While all knives wear down over time, the friction created from cutting abrasive materials like paper significantly shortens the life of blades over a shorter time period.  We strongly recommend regularly scheduled maintenance before dull blades begin impacting your production line—and bottom line.

Your PAC cutter or granulator is a key component in the overall performance of your system.  Service with our PAC-certified technicians helps protect your investment because we use only certified parts and coatings to restore your equipment to its original specs and performance.  We have the unique expertise to diagnose and fix wear issues, extending the life of your investment using our exclusive 8-point inspection and expert maintenance service.

PAC offers an exclusive Cutting Edge Service Program to make cutter and granulator maintenance easy.

Through this program we offer priority service coupled with  a 15% discount to customers simply for asking.   Membership and enrollment is 100% free.  To enroll, simply send us an email to  Please click through to our Cutting Edge Service Program page for complete program benefits and instructions.