Precision AirConvey recently installed its Matrix Removal System at Global Venture Label Division and is already on track to save Global more than $159,000 a year!

The PAC system has also enabled Global Venture to advance its goals of reducing the company’s environmental impact by improving the efficiency and user-friendliness of the label manufacturer’s machines.

Global Venture Label Division owner Hakim Merchant chose PAC after several discussions and a meeting with the Precision AirConvey team, which is based in Wilmington, Delaware. Merchant quickly realized the Matrix Waste Removal System was just what he needed at his plant in Kent, Washington.

“They absolutely understood our industry and our organization’s changing needs,” Merchant says. “They were extremely professional and patiently walked us through the solution while discussing the competitors’ products along with the pros and cons of each. Most importantly, there was a personal touch, and that made a big difference.”

Merchant especially liked the small footprint of PAC’s matrix removal system — with the matrix cutter and ducting network elevated off the ground, there is more floor space in the plant. “Because the system is installed overhead and its air velocity has a very constant pressure, there is no mechanical component,” Merchant says. “We can run the same product on slightly narrower webs, thereby saving in material costs.” What’s more, the system’s overhead configuration makes the plant safer for workers, reducing the risk of injury.

PAC’s matrix removal system is designed to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment, disposing of waste automatically and conveying it into a compactor — minimizing the number of trips to the recycling station.

The use of less material not only reduces waste, it trims cost, reducing the label manufacturer’s web width by ¼ inch. “When you’re running 3 million feet of material every day it adds up to quite a bit,” Merchant says. He estimates that he saves $15,000 per year for waste reduction and another $12,000 per month on material costs.

Merchant says Global Venture Label Division will see a return on its investment in 12 to 16 months.

For more information about PAC’s Matrix Removal System, or to place an order or request a price quote, call Precision AirConvey at 302-999-8000 or complete the form at the bottom of this page.