Automated Systems Whisk Away Trash, Soiled Linens, Recycling

Precision AirConvey is using the same proprietary technology and engineering skill that has been successfully proven to automate trim and label matrix removal to tackle critical challenges in healthcare, recycling and facility design like infection control, waste diversion rates and cost management. This has formalized into Precision AirConvey Waste + Linen Conveying Group which specializes in the custom design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of pneumatic conveying systems that automatically transport bagged waste, soiled linen and/or recycling from multiple collection points in a hospital or other facility to central points for pickup or laundering. Instead of parading carts through the halls, the bags are transported behind the walls through a powered chute system.

This minimizes cart movement through the facility, reduces exposure to germs, sharps and other hazards, and supports infection and pest control measures while boosting worker safety and productivity. In addition, Precision AirConvey built a full-size, fully functioning automated linen and waste removal system in their test laboratory.

This dedicated team also repairs, services and modernizes existing transport systems installed by other companies, even those that have gone out of business.

Come visit the world class test lab and try this system for yourself. See why it’s the most advanced automated removal system in the world. Call 302.266.0555 to schedule a tour.