The PAC Cutter was designed by DuPont and built for the first time by Alpha Lehigh in 1968 in small quantities for their mylar film plants. Precision Inline Cutters (PIC) was the exclusive Cutter manufacturer for DuPont. In 1983 PIC became a stand-alone business. Precision Cutters and AirConvey Systems merged in 1999. Fifty years later and boasting more than 1,000 installations worldwide, PAC simply offers the best Cutters in the industry.

Precision AirConvey’s (PAC) durable cutters and granulators are the high-performance foundation of our automated inline cutter/fan-based trim and matrix waste handling systems. Our cutters can handle almost any material safely, effectively and quietly. Ultra-thin film, sheet, PSA trim and matrix, foil, laminate, paper, nonwovens, corrugated material and fabric — even carpeting and automotive floor mat trim — are no match for the precision chopping of our advanced cutters. There are more Precision AirConvey cutters installed than all other brands combined.

PAC’s blades stay sharp longer, its cutters are the most efficient and its clearances are the tightest and most precise. PAC beats the competition by offering the most durable materials for its knives, using the best bearings and employing the smartest, most precise techniques for sharpening blades.

To ensure that our PAC Cutters maintain peak performance, PAC makes Cutter maintenance easy with the Cutting-Edge Service Program. Customers who enroll in this program are guaranteed priority service and a 15% discount. Enrollment and membership is free. PAC-certified technicians at our New Jersey manufacturing facility perform a meticulous 8-point inspection and complete maintenance service.

PAC is a national leader in the manufacture, installation and service of trim and matrix removal systems for the labels, paper, film & sheet and other industries. Our high-quality cutters and pneumatic convey systems enable companies to effectively remove trim materials and eliminate costly clogs or breakdowns. We are proud to serve more customers than any competitor and look forward to providing new customers with custom systems, quick solutions and impeccable and reliable support.

For more information about the PAC Cutter or any of our products, please visit or call us at 302-999-8000 to speak with one of our representatives today.