Removal of waste matrix is an important, necessary, and potentially costly part of the label production process. After the printing stage of label production, the converting stage begins through various methods such as die cutting. Matrix (or trim) is a ladder-like waste produced during this converting stage. Traditional methods of trim removal are often time-consuming and may require workers to address complications by hand and slow down the process even further. Precision AirConvey Corp. (PAC) is an industry leader in trim and matrix removal and is focused on combatting the problems associated with traditional matrix removal. They develop cutting-edge systems that make the task of trim and matrix removal as easy as possible and enable customers to avoid costly breakdowns.

Company Overview

Precision AirConvey has been in business for just over 50 years and operates out of facilities in both Delaware and New Jersey. They design, build, install, and service their own custom trim and matrix removal systems using high-quality cutters and pneumatic convey systems. The custom systems from Precision AirConvey are designed, assembled, and wired in-house by their experienced engineering team. High-performance, durable cutters and granulators are the foundation of these systems. As part of their design process, the PAC team works closely with customers to determine their needs. PAC uses the information they gather to create the trim and matrix removal system that best fits the application. This customization allows them to effectively service many industries including the labels and narrow web, converting and wide web, film and sheet, mail insertion and printing, and paper industries.

Application Challenge

One of Precision AirConvey’s primary product lines is the TrimPAC EZ. The TrimPAC EZ is a portable version of their trim and matrix removal systems. According to Paul Berger, the Supply Chain and Production Manager at PAC, “mail insertion and printing customers are [PAC’s] biggest clients for the EZ.” It can be used in addition to a cutter stand, and it features rotating blades that pass a stationary blade at a knife clearance of .00025”. Paul and his team choose FactoryMation to help make the TrimPAC EZ a reality. FactoryMation components are used to control the TrimPAC EZ’s motor and drive the impeller in the fan housing, to control the start and stop switch for the equipment, and more. They are also used to control other applications such as the Enviropulse, an addition to the trim removal system which injects oil into the airstream.

FM Experience

Paul and his team at PAC look for a complete package when sourcing parts. They research their vendors for quality, pricing, and support. This research is why they continue to choose FactoryMation as a supplier for their components. They find that FactoryMation pricing is competitive, overall performance and quality exceed expectations, and the free shipping is a plus. Beyond those factors, Paul says that “when [PAC’s] lead mechanic is able to work with [FactoryMation] it is a one stop shop.” The PAC team enjoys the ability to order components without needing to search with multiple suppliers. When rating his complete experience with FactoryMation, Paul’s comment was short and to the point: “I would give five out of five.”

FactoryMation is proud to serve successful companies such as Precision AirConvey Corp. Stories such as this continue to inspire FactoryMation to work hard at being the best choice for industrial control products. FactoryMation strives to deliver world-class products, outstanding service, and superior prices that equate to the best value in the industry. This unbeatable value allows customers to be even more successful in their respective industries.

PAC Products Used

  • FMX Circuit Protection
  • FMX Motor Controls
  • FMX Panel Meters
  • FMX “Tough Drive” AC Drives
  • WEG Pushbuttons
  • TECO Programmable Relays
  • Micron Power Supplies
  • LSIS Motor Controls
  • Eldon Enclosures
  • Auer Signal Devices

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