You may know that Precision AirConvey (PAC) systems are designed to efficiently remove trim during the production or conversion of various web materials. These systems effectively transport trim and matrix waste to a central collection point and can even be integrated with recycling equipment. Whether you need a single installation or a collaborative setup for your facility, PAC systems come equipped with all the necessary parts and components to ensure efficient trim and matrix removal.

One of the lesser-known, remarkable features of PAC systems is their ability to handle challenging narrow trim widths and thin-gauge products. Manufacturers no longer need to produce excessive waste in wider-than-necessary widths that are easier to wind. Instead, processors can finely adjust their trim removal capabilities to precisely meet their requirements. As a result, some customers have significantly reduced their edge trim width from several inches to just a fraction of an inch. This not only saves valuable raw materials but also accelerates the return on investment (ROI) of a PAC system, which can be achieved in under 12 months.

Energy efficiency is another advantage of PAC systems. These systems operate without the need for a compressor, contributing to their quiet operation while conserving energy. Moreover, all PAC systems are modular constructions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer.
Precision AirConvey offers cutting-edge systems which efficiently remove trim and matrix waste during production or converting processes. With their ability to handle difficult narrow trim widths and thin-gauge products, these systems empower manufacturers to reduce waste and optimize their trim removal capabilities. Energy-efficient and customizable, PAC systems are the ideal solution for enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability in various industries.

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