At PrecisionAirConvey we are well aware that you have choices in trim and waste removal solutions. We also are aware that we have helped countless companies across many industries for the past several decades.

We can help you too!

Why choose PAC?

1. Consultative/Interactive Approach

At PAC, we acknowledge and explore the unique circumstances and requirements of every operation, and adopt a consultative and interactive approach to fully understand your business needs. Through collaborative efforts, we devise the optimal, cost-effective solution to help you achieve your objectives.

2. Engineering Firm

Our company’s core lies in engineering, and our team of professional engineers specializes in customized solutions which surpass out-of-the-box options. Nevertheless, we also provide efficient “quick solutions” like Venturi, TrimPAC, or TrimPAC EZ, if required by your application.

3. Core Values

Our organizational values of First Time Right, Be Creative in a Practical Way, Foster Long-Term Relationships, Demonstrate High Personal and Team Integrity, Take the Humble Path, and Practice Outstanding Customer Service through all Disciplines guide every interaction we have and have served our customers and employees very well.

4. Industries Served

Our clientele encompasses various industries, including label and narrow web, converting and wide web, film and sheet, mail insertion and printing, paper and paperboard, non-woven, pouches, and battery production.

5. Industry Longevity and Process-Oriented Engineering Approach

Our extensive experience and process-driven engineering approach enable us to manage an unlimited range of machine and material types. As experts in the field, our engineers and managers are dedicated to providing custom-tailored solutions which meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

6. PAC Cutters

PAC Cutters are unrivaled in the industry, to the extent that some of our competitors purchase their rebranded cutters from us. Our cutting-edge cutters are designed to safely, efficiently, and noiselessly handle nearly all materials. They are adept at precisely chopping and granulating a vast array of substrates, including but not limited to ultra-thin film, sheet, PSA trim and matrix, foil, laminate, paper, nonwovens, corrugated material, fabric, and even carpeting and automotive floor mat trim.

7. Global Presence

With installations on six continents, we are a global company, growing.

8. In-House Tech Service Team

PAC’s experienced in-house technical service teams are adept at providing on-site installation, system start-up, and employee training to ensure seamless equipment integration and optimal performance. Additionally, we take great pride in our industry-leading customer support, which is available to our clients long after the initial purchase. Our service team is always ready and willing to provide timely solutions to minimize any operational downtime.

9. Customer Experience Team

Quality is intrinsic to every aspect of our operation, and our Customer Experience Team comprises essential managers overseeing Engineering, Installation and Technical Service, Supply Chain and Production, and Marketing for our trim and matrix removal systems. To demonstrate our dedication to total customer satisfaction, our customer experience team meets at least three times per week to ensure we effectively address our customers’ needs.

10. Total System Approach

Precision AirConvey’s total system approach comprises full custom systems, quick solutions, cutters and granulators, PAC Oil and oil systems, balers, granulate feeders, roll slabbers, roll splitters, waste densifiers, sound attenuation, and dust containment systems.

11. Long-Term Support

We value long-term partnerships, and our commitment to support, service, and maintenance extends long after system installation. Our Protection Plus Service Plan keeps your system performing at peak efficiency, and we can train and certify your maintenance crew on necessary inspections and maintenance to ensure optimal system performance.

We are excited to collaborate with you on your trim or matrix removal application and deliver unmatched quality, efficiency, and reliability. Contact us today at

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