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Increase Productivity

PAC trim and matrix waste removal systems
help companies increase productivity

Precision AirConvey's pneumatic trim and matrix waste removal solutions allow companies to produce more product in less time.

Matrix Waste Removal

PAC's inline cutter/fan matrix waste removal systems capture matrix right at the press, whisking it away, chopping it up and depositing it in a waste bin or baler. This eliminates all the inefficiencies associated with winding matrix, starting with the time wasted when you stop the press just to remove the waste rolls of matrix.

Because you don't need to stop the press, you don't lose registration, saving you time and material.

Material can be conveyed faster than it can be wound. Matrix winding keeps many companies from running their presses at higher speeds for fear of jams and tension breaks. PAC matrix removal systems keep up with your press when it is running at higher speeds, without windups or breakage.

Trim Removal

Many companies don't run their lines full speed because their trim removal system can't keep up. PAC's inline cutter/fan trim removal systems are fast, allowing you to produce more, faster.

Also, the end product tends to be a better quality, because PAC's systems avoid the tugging at the edges that is associated with other types of trim removal solutions.

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