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* Made in the U.S.A. *

Industry Leading Cutters

Precision AirConvey cutters are the gold standard for the industry

Precision AirConvey cutters and granulators are the simply best in the trim and matrix removal industry. PAC's blades stay sharp longer, its cutters are the most efficient and its clearances are the tightest and most precise. PAC beats the competition by offering the most durable materials for its knives, using the best bearings and employing the smartest, most precise techniques for sharpening blades.

The Best Knives

All PAC cutters and granulators feature high-quality, durable knives.

In addition to offering D2 tool steel and A8 tool steel options, PAC is the only company in the industry to offer inlaid carbide blades. Inlaid carbide knives are the hardest on the market and will wear the least. Whether you are cutting thin materials or abrasive materials, your inlaid carbide blades will dull at a slower rate than other blades made from other materials. This allows your cutter or granulator to go longer between maintenance and sharpening.

The Best Bearings

PAC uses ABEC 7 ball bearings, the tightest tolerance bearings in world, allowing the company to create the smallest fly knife to bed knife clearance in its cutters and granulators. ABEC 7 bearings are so superior, they are used in F18 fighter jets.

Some of PAC competitors use tapered roller bearings, which can lead to premature cutter/granulator failure because their shape inherently involves more surface to surface contact. Since ball bearings only touch at a single point, instead of along the length of the surface, like rollers, there's less friction when you apply a preload. Friction leads to wear, and wear leads to breakdowns.

The Best Sharpening Technique

The reality is that all knives need sharpening from time to time to function optimally. PAC's sharpening technique allows its cutters and granulators to work at peak efficiency for longer periods of time, cutting down the frequency of required service and maintenance.

PAC cylindrically grinds the knives in its cutters and granulators while they are still mounted on the rotor on the bearings. Many of PAC's competitors remove the knives from their housing, sharpen them and then put them back in the housing, a process that adds steps and extra calibrations, which in turn can lead to a lower level of accuracy and larger clearances. Tighter clearances, such as those achieved by PAC's sharpening techniques, extend the time cutters and granulators can go between service and maintenance.  

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