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Lower Labor Costs

PAC trim and matrix removal systems lower labor costs

Precision AirConvey's trim and label matrix removal systems help companies lower their labor costs by automating several time-consuming processes and densifying waste so it can be handled more efficiently.

Automated Trim and Matrix Waste Handling

Calculate the labor costs of handling your edge trim waste. For many companies, it’s the equivalent of a full-time staff position. PAC's automatic trim removal systems run with almost no human interaction.

With the help of a PAC Granulate Feed System, non-woven, and film and sheet companies can enjoy the labor-light benefits of an automated closed loop reclaim and recycling system.

Labelers, printers and narrow web companies can save dramatically, too, because our matrix waste removal systems eliminate the need to wind and manually remove rolls of matrix waste. Worker's comp claims from heavy lifting can be decreased, as well.

Our trim and matrix waste handling solutions also solve many housekeeping issues related to production.

Densify Waste and Simplify Handling

PAC's in-line cutter/fan systems chop edge and matrix waste into small pieces, greatly reducing waste volume. That means that your workers aren't dealing with bulky waste rolls or many full bins of loosely packed trim. Instead, they can more efficiently handle and transport a few, much more tightly packed bins full of waste.

Our EcoPAC Balers and WastePAC Densifiers can even further streamline the process for your workers by turning waste into easy-to-manage and simple-to-transport bales and bricks.

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