The industry leader in trim and matrix removal

Made in the U.S.A.
* Made in the U.S.A. *

Our Reputation

PAC is the trim and matrix removal industry leader

Precision AirConvey has spent decades earning and maintaining its position as the industry leader for trim and matrix removal.

The Best Cutters and Granulators

PAC's cutters and granulators are the best in the business, because we make our knives with superior materials, we use the tightest tolerance ball bearings and we employ the smartest, most efficient techniques to sharpen our blades for the highest level of precision.

The Best People

Converting and labeling companies across the United States and around the world know that PAC's engineers and technicians are innovative, reliable and knowledgeable. We have the most resources: the largest technical staff, the most customer service professionals and the industry's only customer experience manager, who ensures that expectations are met.

The Best Solutions

We are known for giving the companies we work with a quick return on their trim or matrix removal system investments by helping them save money on materials, increase productivity, decrease downtime and reduce labor costs.

The Best Fit

We custom-design our systems to meet each company's specific needs, materials and aspirations within the existing framework of its manufacturing facility.

The Best Experience

PAC's customers know that we stand behind out systems 100%. If you want it done right, you need PAC.


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