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Waste Less Material

PAC trim and matrix waste systems will help you save material

Precision AirConvey's trim and matrix waste removal systems allow companies to save on material costs in many ways.

Thinner Edge Trim

PAC's inline cutter/fan systems can capture edge trim and matrix waste as thin as 1/8 inch. This allows companies to use more of the material for actual product.

Less Press Starting and Stopping

PAC's matrix waste removal systems eliminate the need for matrix winding. That means there's no need to stop your press to remove matrix rolls, a practice that wastes hundreds of feet of material every time you do it.

Use Less Virgin Material

Non-woven, and film and sheet companies can save on virgin material costs with PAC's proprietary Granulate Feed System (GFS). Our innovative two-hopper design allows for the highest scrap and trim to virgin resin ratio in extruder throughput, while maintaining a high level of quality of product.

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